MaxInMotion® Scholarships Benefited 7,085 Young Athletes During First Four Years.

Sweeping cuts to school and community athletics have drastically limited opportunities for youth, especially in low-income communities. As a not-for-profit foundation, MaxInMotion® embraces the philosophy that youth sports contribute dramatically to character development and personal fitness, and that team participation helps establish values of community, interdependency and collective responsibility.  The recipients of MaxInMotion® sports scholarships hail from Arizona and southern California, and participate in competitive soccer, basketball, hockey, and wheelchair basketball and wheelchair power soccer.

During its first four years, MaxInMotion® has:

  • Awarded 7,085 scholarships to young athletes, enabling them to participate in competitive sports.
  • Established, with Ability 360, the first wheel chair basketball and soccer clinics which will lead to the formation of MaxInMotion® competitive leagues for disabled youth.

Latest Announcement

June 7, 2016 - MaxInMotion Celebrates Fourth Anniversary by Expanding to Southern California.

Today, on the fourth anniversary of the MaxInMotion Foundation, I am delighted to announce our expansion to Southern California.  Using specially earmarked funds to establish unique programs integra... Read More