About MaxInMotion® – Our Mission

Sweeping cuts to school and community athletics have drastically limited opportunities for youth, especially in low-income communities. Importantly, participation in sports prevents childhood obesity and has also been linked to reducing school dropout rates, gang participation, teen pregnancy and other high-risk behaviors, all of which pose tremendous consequences to our society.

MaxInMotion® is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing young athletes an opportunity to compete at both the recreational and competitive levels in major youth sports. The Foundation provides financial support directly to youth sports organizations throughout the states of Arizona and California, to help underwrite inclusion in sports programs of financially challenged boys and girls who would not otherwise be able to participate. MaxInMotion® also develops programs to include special needs populations in youth sports activities. The Foundation embraces the philosophy that youth sports contribute dramatically to character development and personal fitness, and that team participation helps establish values of community, interdependency and collective responsibility.

MaxInMotion® is dedicated to capacity building and support in soccer, basketball, tennis, and adaptive sports because of the high level of participation in these sports and their significant degree of organization. Research has shown that “participating in sports can provide a deterrent for negative behavior and a positive alternative to anti-social activities. Sports can provide opportunities for social development because of the structure, commitment and real-life skills – like cooperation and teamwork – that are taught.” (Seefeldt and Ewing, 1996) “While sports have value in everyone’s life, it is even more important in the life of a person with a [financial or physical] disability. This is because of sport’s rehabilitative influence, and the fact that it is a means to integrate the person into society. Sports teach independence.” (Eek and Friends, 2007)

MaxInMotion® forged partnerships with several major sports franchises in Arizona, Arizona Soccer Association, Ability360, Southern California Youth Soccer Organization, and Phoenix Rising FC to combine with their skills and experience in supporting youth sports. In addition, MaxInMotion® collaborated with Ability360 to help create and fund wheel chair sports clinics and leagues for Arizona youth with disabilities. We acknowledge with gratitude the generous support of Wickenburg Ranch, which has allowed us to offer expanded programs in Arizona and southern California.

The MaxInMotion® foundation was established in 2011 to honor a very special and promising young athlete, Max Shacknai, who lost his life tragically earlier that year. Max embodied all of the characteristics sought in young athletes and had a great passion for all sports and team participation.