Dear Friends of MaxInMotion,

As we mark the ninth year since the founding of MaxInMotion, we look with pride on all that has been accomplished. Over 10,000 young athletes have been provided financial support, allowing them to participate in team sports in Arizona and California. We have done this with the support of the many friends of MaxInMotion who care deeply for kids in our communities.

2020 and the first half of 2021 have been incredibly difficult for the world as we battle through the greatest public health challenge in a century. Here in the United States we are fortunate to have access to disease preventing vaccines, which help us imagine daily life resuming with some normalcy-while acknowledging the tragic loss of friends and family members to COVID-19.

Youth sports have struggled during the course of the pandemic, with some states such as Arizona allowing limited, safe play, while others have prohibited play entirely. MaxInMotion has supported athletes where appropriate to do so, at the same time staying in communication with players and leagues where fields have been empty. Our adaptive sports programs for kids with disabilities, has been curtailed significantly.

Based on encouraging COVID-19 prevalence data and statewide hospital utilization, we expect the 2021-22 youth sports season to proceed fully in Arizona and California. We are working in earnest to provide the financial assistance necessary for all interested youth to participate, and make up for lost time and progress. We are also hopeful that the adaptive sports programing at our partner, Ability 360, will again provide organized team sports for the special needs population it serves.

We also expect to resume activities in our college program, helping disadvantaged young athletes imagine and prepare for the college admissions process.

We ask for your support more than ever. With significant health and economic dislocation within the communities we serve, the obstacles to participation in youth sports are greater than ever. Please help in any way that can.

To those who have supported us, we thank you for ourselves and on behalf of the thousands of young athletes we have assisted.